We are in the digital fast lane.

  • Online-Trading

Wünsche Group 4.0

The Wünsche Group has entered the digital age with its e-commerce division. We are in a strong position to meet the challenges of a complex and rapidly changing online marketplace. The latest estimates suggest online trade will be worth $2.500 bn worldwide by 2018. The Wünsche Group is able to tackle this global shift in buying behaviour thanks to its amazing ability to adapt, true to the motto "trade is all about coping with change".
Our e-commerce specialists rely on a high degree of automation coupled with a process oriented approach. We are aided in our quest by various sectors, including IT, design and marketing communication.

Renowned companies use the know-how of the Wünsche Group and place their complex e-commerce processes in our safe hands. Precise solutions are required: We supply our online clients – very similar to that of traditional trade – with all types of goods. However, we can also process orders from end customers directly and provide our respective specialised knowledge.
Our range of e-commerce services additionally encompasses constantly selecting new products, designing appropriate marketing concepts and selling goods on leading online platforms.

We develop and realise e-commerce concepts from A to Z.