Hard Goods

We are bubbling with ideas for attractive non-food items.

  • sports and leisure time products
  • bicycle, accessories and
    fitness products
  • garden furniture, accessories,
  • office and stationary products,
    school and handicraft products
  • kitchen and household utensils,
    travel and decoration products, furniture
  • procurement toys, production
    control, QC, CSR

We are always willing to go that extra mile

In the Wünsche Group, we have brought together leading specialists in the hard goodsdivision for non-food items. They offer clients the benefit of their combined expertise to achieve excellent results in international markets time and time again. A look at our portfolio: Garden, DIY goods, leisure and sports goods, furniture, and household products made of stainless steel, plastic, glass, porcelain and ceramics.
We set about our tasks with a high level of personal commitment from all members of staff, outstanding team spirit and a good pinch of creativity.

We boast a local presence in manufacturing countries throughout Asia and Europe – we thus guarantee the required high level of quality and precise order processing. We meet the ever-increasing legislative requirements and the demands of our clients 100%.
By working together with the client, our specialists are also able to develop particularly unusual or trendy products. An important factor here is that the good ideas can actually be realised adequately during production – we therefore endeavour to maintain our long-standing partnerships with suppliers to guarantee stability and security. Fairness and respect are central to our cooperation. 

High level of quality and precise order processing – our local staff have everything under control