By undertaking all the administrative tasks, we look after our own.

  • Service Provider
  • procurement, production control, QC,
  • Sales Company
  • procurement, production control,
    QC, CSR
  • Sales Company
  • Shipping Company

Lean, flexible and cost conscious – that is good service

You can only really be strong and effective if you are free to concentrate on the things that matter most. We provide our trade associates within the Wünsche Group with this opportunity. From our central location, we deliver interdisciplinary services to all the companies. This includes: Logistics, human resources, quality assurance, accounting, treasury, organisation and development, marketing, art work, customer service and IT – moreover, the Wünsche Group also has its own shipping company. All the other teams within the Group can focus on the clients and developing innovative products; the monitoring and controlling of all administrative duties is left to our business division. The actions of the individual units are coordinated and interlinked with Hanseatic precision and reliability.

The experienced and dynamic service team works like an internal service provider: lean, fast, flexible, proactive and always cost-conscious. We lay the foundations for the competitiveness of the entire Group, further cornerstones are the international offices that ensure our expertise in the procurement markets. Our service team specialists coordinate close cooperation with partners and experts in the international offices and organisations around the world.
As a service unit we pay particular attention to strict adherence to social standards which we have adopted. The control and management of this increasingly important area is in expert hands. 

Relieving administrative burden frees up the time to focus on the more important matters: Our clients and our products.