About us

Dynamic and versatile – trade needs partners like Wünsche

The Wünsche Group is an internationally recognised service provider and trading company. As experienced specialists, we develop and procure goods for private label as well as for promotional and standard items. The members of our Group operate successfully in the fields of food, textiles and clothing, consumer electronics, hard goods, e-commerce and services.

Irrespective of the field, we guarantee operational excellence. With the best interests of our clients in mind, we focus on continuously improving all the value chain processes, which ultimately leads to an increase in efficiency.

The Wünsche Group represents reliability and optimum services.

We work tirelessly to optimise products, thus securing excellent value for money. Our extensive range of products and flexibility ensure we are an attractive partner for trade success, as we always deliver the most suitable solution for our clients. Trade is all about coping with change – and the pace of change has never been faster and more fundamental than in today's business world.

The Wünsche Group is an owner-managed, family-run business, which believes in innovativeness, responsibility and cooperation.

Influenced by over 80 years of Hanseatic merchant heritage, a handshake still has as much value today for traders as it did back in 1934 when our company was founded.

We have a global presence: From our headquarters in Hamburg, we work closely with our international offices in Asia, Europe, Australia and the USA, can boast extensive, outstanding contacts to competitive suppliers around the world and enjoy a dominant position in the global market.

We’re an owner-led company with tradition.