Company history

A trading company conquers the world

The roots of the Wünsche Group are in grain and animal feed; two products in which the company founder Ludwig Wünsche started trading in Halle an der Saale in 1934. After the Second World War, he relocated his growing business to Hamburg, and by the end of the 1950s was employing a staff of twenty.
Internationalisation of the business started after his son, Wolf Jürgen Wünsche, joined the company and the canned goods business was founded.

Producers were contacted and procurement options explored in Asia and North and South America for the extremely promising sector. A successful approach: The company quickly acquired a leading position in the canned goods market. This strategy during the 1960s prepared the ground for the company's international trade relations. Intensive networking with production sites throughout the world commenced at this time.

And there were more changes on the way

The 1970s saw the portfolio of the family-run company enhanced with non-food products. Traditional consumer goods, technical appliances and leisurewear became key business areas. Subsequent years witnessed a growth in the company's international presence as offices were set up overseas. Further subsidiaries were founded or purchased, a shipping company integrated into the business and a service unit established.

The individual divisions are thus able to concentrate on their core business activities, and higher-level processes are managed on a central basis.
In 1993, the head office relocated to Hamburg city centre from where the international group, boasting over 800 people employed by more than 20 companies at 30 locations worldwide, has been run successfully ever since. The ability to adapt and adjust, a trait which has stood the third generation family-owned business in good stead from the start, is still a key characteristic of the Group today.

Our strength is our adaptability.