Core competences

We know our clients

The Wünsche Group is a reliable partner of choice for its clients. We know their business, their structures and their requirements inside out, and make it our business to ensure they have everything they need. We see it as our role to enhance the performance and positive outward image of our clients; a role which we perform successfully due to our depth of experience, specialist knowledge and internationality.

The versatility of the Wünsche Group enables us to react flexibly and quickly, while focussing the attention firmly on the product. We give professional and truthful advice, even if provocative at times – thus contributing to progress and improvements.

Suppliers are our partners

The Wünsche Group has always thought beyond the moment with a strategy based on partnership and cooperation. We are not interested in temporary, short-lived success, but prefer joint developments and sustainable relationships. We treat our long-standing international trade partners with respect and fairness.

Wünsche Group suppliers have to meet strict criteria in terms of reliability and quality. To achieve sustained success, local staff ensures our international partners receive expert advice and support, whenever and wherever they might need it.

We trust our team 100%

Our employees are our capital – they are the reason for the success of the Wünsche Group. We trust them 100%, and promote self-responsibility and mutual support. We seek to avoid unnecessary hierarchies and encourage a culture of open feedback and communication – in every direction.

We manage the fortunes of the Group with a cool head and a steady hand. The independence of a family-owned business demands quick decisions, less red tape and forward thinking. So if you are not afraid of new challenges and learning new skills, and are full of energy and enthusiasm, you have come to the right place.

We understand our markets.