Year Event
1934 Founding of the
Ludwig Wünsche & Co. with the main focus on grain trade
1959 Founding of the canned goods business
1975 Founding of Dario focussing on hard goods
1978 Opening of office in Bangladesh for textile business
1980 Opening of office in Pakistan for textiles and non-food articles
1980 Acquisition of the shipping company Vinnen, one of the oldest shipping companies
in Germany
1988 Founding of the Erdipol trading company
1989 Wünsche goes public
1992 Management buy out of the Wünsche AG
1992 Opening of office in Hong Kong
1993 The Wünsche Group moves into
the Zürichhaus in Hamburg
1996 Founding of the company Promtex
1999 Founding of Euro Centra
2001 Founding of Globaltronics
2002 Opening of office in Moscow, Russia
2004 Founding of SAPHIR Handelsgesellschaft
2007 Acquisition of Hubermasche,
Gebr. Huber GmbH & Co. KG
2008 Opening of office in Pune, India
2008 Founding of Wünsche Turkey
2010 Founding of Euro Centra, USA
2012 Founding of Euro Centra, Australia