International marketing

Active around the world and therefore always nearby

The Wünsche Group has customers the world over – from the USA, South America, Europe, Russia and the CIS states to Australia. It is a matter of course for us to maintain a direct presence on-site in these key markets. Our sales specialists in the branches in the USA, Australia, England and Russia observe and analyse country and market specific developments on the ground, incorporate trends and changed requirements directly and for their part provide fresh impetus. That applies to the complete broad product range of the Wünsche Group – we are all-rounders after all.

Our international marketing, procurement and quality teams not only keep a finger on the pulse of the time but above all on the pulse of the respective markets. An ideal catch for the Great Lakes may already be over the top down under. Or vice versa. Our on-site professionals are aware of that, advise our international customers accordingly and produce innovative proposals that repeatedly produce amazing reactions.

Wherever in the world we perform our activities, the Wünsche Group is always seen as one of the most varied suppliers. To that end we work efficiently – rarely more than six months pass from the initial idea to the finished product. We are often quicker. As far as warranty claims are concerned, we frequently exceed local guidelines and laws.

Each of our international branches makes Hanseatic virtues such as reliability and quality their own, and all pull together with the German parent company. On the global stage too, all employees see themselves as part of the huge Wünsche Group family – this commitment is one of the secrets of our success.

Think global, act regional – we breathe life into this slightly modified business insight. And comprehensive market know-how.

The Wünsche Group stands for international presence and profound market knowledge.