International procurement

Our supplier relationships have always been based on trust

In Far East manufacturing countries, the Wünsche Group relies on its long-standing trade relations and partnerships. For instance, we have had a local presence in Shanghai and Hong Kong since 1982 and 1992 respectively. Our team provides tailor-made solutions and is the all-in-one problem solver on site. Our procurement offices in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and the Czech Republic specialise in specific areas and use our service organisation in Hong Kong as a nerve centre and back office.

Besides supplier management and comprehensive auditing, a key task is actual production support. Particularly important here is the level of cooperation between clients, suppliers and experts from the Wünsche Group.

Further international procurement services include:

  •  Developing products
  • Selecting producers
  • Managing suppliers
  • Merchandising
  • Controlling production and projects
  • Assuring quality
  • Managing logistics
  • Financing

Intensive contact between all the participants is central for strong, open and positive relationships. Moreover, collaboration between experts in Germany and the Far East is coordinated effectively and efficiently due to the direct knowledge of suppliers and production conditions.

The volume and variety of our products ensure the Wünsche Group is a leading supplier for trade and retailers. As a family-run business, we believe in close cooperation - also beyond borders and boundaries. Our long-standing and positive relationships with suppliers and manufacturers enable us to procure various quantities of high quality products to meet different client needs.

We are at home on international procurement markets for many years.