Logistics management

Spot on: Just-in-time and reliable

The demand placed on our logistics: Our clients receive every product just-in-time or just-in-sequence, but definitely in perfect condition. The work is carried out by a highly experienced team of logistics experts. They are responsible each year for roughly 18,000 TEU sea freight and 16,000 TEU land freight. This is not counting the roughly 1,500 TEU of rail freight and intermodal transport. In other words: Around at the world, at least 45 trucks and 50 containers are making their journeys to and from the Wünsche Group by land and sea every day.

Besides looking after our operative activities, our logistics experts are also responsible for strategic planning. Their concepts, analyses and plans are indispensable for the development of our company.

Further logistics management services include:

  • Providing insurances for the shipment and storage, and product liability
  • Selling remaining stock, remaining items, return shipments
  • Offering legal advice on customs and foreign trade legislation
  • Handling outstanding items
  • Processing damages and claims
  • Managing cargo carriers
  • Stocktaking

Our logistics team organises the flow of goods for all the business divisions – totalling roughly 1,200 "outgoing" and "incoming" connections. They additionally manage and cultivate global storage capacities. The Wünsche Group can fall back on a global and extensive logistics network of more than 80 service providers. Together, we provide numerous services for our clients: Inventory and warehouse management, remaining stock management, assembling and preparing goods, special shipments, IT solutions, contract logistics, refrigerated shipments and deliveries of hazardous goods.

We ensure our products reach shelves on time.