Core expertise

Constantly breaking new ground.

With the change from a classic Hanseatic importer to a food partner to the food retail industry, our decisions are always taken to benefit retailers and deliver tailor-made solutions. The combination of many years of sourcing experience with professional expertise in the retail sector means we can supply solutions from the source of the product to the retailer’s shelf. Our expertise in food is based on our experience born of the classic Hanseatic merchant tradition and our international expertise. 

Our direct access to the field, our brand, retail and production experts and our international networks make us the leading supplier in the industry. We are therefore the only company to adopt this holistic approach. Customers value our goal-driven approach, our global sourcing and the perfect goods we deliver day-in, day-out. We overcome the increasingly complex challenges of retail with ease, delivering quickly, reliably and efficiently.

We handle daily change with flair.