Global procurement

The best possible quality at the lowest price.

Wünsche Food brings food from all over the world to retailers' shelves. Our in-depth product knowledge enables us to offer our customers a wide range of long-lasting foods - from tomatoes and fish to special food promotions. We have a global network of suppliers with partnerships of many years’ standing, as well as global logistics management. By organising our products into goods categories, we are able to ensure comprehensive procurement in any harvest situation. We take a comprehensive and sustainable approach to our work, operating in accordance with European and local legislation, our customers’ requirements and our in-house specifications set down by the company’s own IFS broker certification. 

Our own procurement offices in China, India and Vietnam maintain direct contact with producers around the world. They are constantly finding new suppliers and ensuring their training to become Wünsche Food partners. This too means that our product development process always has an eye on the latest trends. We buy our products always in the right quality, quantity, condition and at the perfect time. As a result, we procure canned foods worldwide through our own purchasing offices, our agents or directly from the producer.  

The customer is at the heart of everything we do.