Responsible, fair and sustainable.

As a global company, we are aware of the responsibility that rests on our shoulders. Special attention is required in those areas where our business activities have an impact on society as a whole, our employees, the environment and the economic landscape. The principle of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a core element of our company's philosophy. Wünsche Food unreservedly supports the Code of Conduct and the requirements of the "Business Social Compliance Initiative" (BSCI).
As part of this international platform, we work together with all our partners to improve global social standards along the entire value-added chain. Our broad product portfolio means that we live up to our responsibilities as a company in the textiles sector.

In our 20-year corporate history, we have constantly cultivated long-term and reliable contacts with our suppliers throughout the world. These days, the fast-paced growth at all stages of the global value-added chain requires a strategic and competent approach in this sector.

Along with our international partners, we guarantee not only compliance with statutory requirements but we also meet the standards and requirements demanded by customers. Ultimately these are aimed at the expectations of end consumers - essentially, at every single one of us. We want to be able to believe in our products so much that we would want to buy them ourselves. We make every effort to fulfil this desire and we also have the expertise to do it. We perform audits and certifications as part of this process. However, having our experts on site is particularly important. They obtain an immediate picture of the working and production conditions and use their skills to ensure improvements.


Wünsche Food is a member of the "Accord on Fire and Building Safety" in Bangladesh.

We support extensive measures and carry out checks on our suppliers, for example in the areas of building safety, fire protection and electrical safety. This allows us to focus our attention more on the health and safety of those working there.



When generating, producing and processing textiles, we pay special attention to safety. 

Preserving our environment is vital to us.