24 hours a day, 7 days a week: flexible and customer-focused logistics management.

The Wünsche Group transports over 4,000 containers, travels to more than 142 ports worldwide and moves more than 500 full truckloads a year. We constantly focus on the entire added value and supply chain. Thanks to our interdisciplinary collaboration with sales and purchasing, coupled with our many years of experience, we are able to address logistics requirements perfectly. We are close to the logistics market and always fully involved with it. Customs formalities are handled by our own employees, because in the food industry especially, delays would be disastrous. Based on experience reports gathered over many years, our logistics managers have developed an escalation matrix with a 24/7 rule in order to supply our customers with split-volume and picked goods on deadline

We are constantly developing our logistics sector and we work with freight carriers who are dedicated to using resource-sparing transport (“green logistics”). With shipment consolidations, where load units are combined, we are also able to dramatically reduce our CO2 emissions.  

For the benefit of our customers, we come up with individual logistics concepts featuring individually customisable processes - providing in-depth advice on which solutions match the customer's requirements 100 per cent. 

Open to customised logistics concepts.