Product development

We have everything under control.

Wünsche Food develops products specifically to address customers’ wishes or in line with current food trends. We support you with our creative and professional approach and share our in-depth understanding of the market and its consumers. To ensure we are always up to date, we monitor market trends, maintain close partnerships with leading manufacturers and we regularly attend trade fairs.

Our goal is to make consumers’ lives easier through innovation. Thanks to in-house creative processes and our creative management approach, we are constantly developing marketable ideas. We factor clear goal specifications into the process. 

Among our teams of product managers, nutritional scientists and category managers, independence and responsibility are key assets. Product development demands team spirit, so Wünsche Food involves relevant areas such as sales, quality management and logistics in the development process from an early stage. Wünsche Food’s services of course include the monitoring of markets, the competition and customers. Thanks to our certified GS1 category managers, we speak the language of retail and we develop solutions designed specifically for it. This closeness to the market and its customers enables us to enjoy an above-average success rate with new products. 

With our innovations, we make consumers’ lives easier.